Iranian cuisine

Iranian cuisine is a combination of cooking methods and foods from Turkey, Kurdish, Arabic, Indian regions. Main dish in Iran contains Rice, meat, from lamb, chicken or fish, besides depends on location, vegetables and herbs.

It is time to learn what the Persian food tastes is. Traveling to Iran is the best option for inspiring and exploring the pure Persian cuisine.

In Iranian Restaurants, default table (table dressing – Table setting) has no dinner knife!!

You should ask the hostess or waiter to bring it for you. !! Depends on restaurants, there are some that has knifes as their default table setting in IRAN.

Menus in restaurants are in Farsi Language!! WHY? Because Tourism industry has not enough grown.

You will be more surprised in Iran, we leave some for you to face and explore.

The secret of Persian cuisine

The secret of Persian cuisine is secret, you should come to Iran and find the trick!!!

Two reasons that make Persian foods delicious are:

You must have too much patience. Speed is meaning less in the kitchen of Iranians. So if you have many things to do more important than cooking, forget it.

You must have ingredients!! If you have no Iranian market nearby you, it is hard to find in your region, you should travel to Iran and bring some back home!!!



Fesenjoon is an Iranian food which has no similar type in the world and has no English name. we call it khorosht fesenjoon in the complete frame. Khorosht means stew

Ground walnuts, chopped onions, stewed pomegranate puree, chunks of poultry or balls of ground meat.

The tart taste combined with savory spices, walnut creates one of the most uniquely Persian foods in the culinary in Iran.

Qorme Sabzii


Qorme Sabzi means “stewed Greens”, Principle Ingredients are: kidney beans, Parsley, coriander, dried fenugreek leaves, turmeric-seasoned lamb or beef, dried lemons.

Spinach: optional, some recipes recommend some not, depends on Chef.

Leeks: optional, some recipes recommend some not, depends on Chef.

Qorme Sabzi is the most widely eaten stew in Iran, this lumpy green dish is always going to be on the table of any Iranian table for gatherings or parties.



Kabab is a general name for grilled meats, from Chicken, Lamb or Beef.

Different type of kababs are:

There are a many of different kababs where the meat is spiced differently

Popular drinks with Kababs are:

1 – doogh, or Eiran or Youghurt drink

2 – soda which ordered by color rather than brand name, with black meaning Coke, orange for Fanta.

And white for Sprite. Funny ….

Dolmeh, recipe as follows below



  • Ground Beef ( fry with oil)
  • rice (Rinse the rice and cook it with water)
  • vegetable : Leek Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley (Mince the herbs)
  • Grape leaves
  • yellow split peas (cook the split peas with water)
  • medium onion, sliced thin and fried to golden brown
  • Salt, Turmeric, Ground Chili Pepper, Indian mixture of Spices, Black Pepper

How To Cook?