General info about Iran


Iran located in the Middle East, northern of Persian Gulf, southern of Caspian Sea, eastern of Iraq and western of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Do not confuse Iraq and Iran, IRAN is more modern and organized and safer than Iraq. Iranians are much more educated, higher civil culture, much higher culture of sanitation and public behaviors, gentle and well grew.

Iran’s ancient civilization and well-formed families and culture caused the Iranians believe in themselves nothing less than First world countries.

Is Iran a safe country?

If you do not confused Iraq with Iran, and you do a survey on all information from Iran, Not only look at the very famous Gov. Medias in the world, you will find out that Iran is safe.


Best time to travel to Iran

High season in Iran is Mar. to May and Sept. to Oct.

Because of not enough infrastructure in tourism section we recommend you to travel sometime except high seasons. Of course weather is very nice and smooth in highs season but you may face some disappointments.

Population dispersion

Majority of Iran population concentrates with 12 million of people in Tehran and Mashhad, Tabriz and Isfahan.

Air quality in Tehran is not very fresh and clean from Sat to Wed and streets has heavy traffic jam.

Maximum staying in Tehran is recommended up to 2 days. In another hand this period is enough to see the top highlights of the city.

Sanitation and health

Iran gets a good score regard to this parameter.

Medical service and public health:

Hospitals are well equipped with the most modern technology and instruments for surgeries.

Clinics are equipped with X-ray machines, and Radiology etc. and specialist doctors works there with rotation 24h.

Emergency medical service units, are well trained and experienced.

In the big cities 115 Emergency center takes care of emergency cases in the city, ambulance units well distributed at the stand by check points to cover whole urban area.

On the roads, Red Crescent units takes care of emergency cases.

Sanitary napkin is a normal known article in Iran.


In the hotels with stars more than 3, all equipped with western toilet.

There are toilet paper in the hotels.

Iranians uses detergents and disinfects.

Hotels with 3-5 stars provide clean towels for each guest.

Hair drier are available in 4-5 stars.

Electric Kettle are available in 5 star hotels and some rare 4 stars.

Rooms with anti-acoustic tech. are not in Iran BUT most 4 and 5 stars have calm and silent rooms unless a guest make some noises!!

Roads :

Roads has traffic safety during daylight

Your driver should drive max. 90 km/h in order to keep you safe (no matter the model of the vehicle)

Vehicles (sedan or van) with yellow plates MUST to stop periodic at traffic police stations to stamp their driving log-book.

Max. Driving time per day for drivers are 8 hours.

Roads are equipped with traffic signs.

Roads between main cities are controlled by traffic camera and speed radar.

Rail Transportation system

Rail transportation system is not very well distributed in the country, means some areas there are many train routs and some areas nothing!

Air Transportation system

Iranian Airlines are member of ICAO and IATA, they are obligated to follow the International safety regulations and guidelines for service and maintenance of Airplane and staff training.


Tehran has two airports, one for domestic flights called Mehr Abad located in the city near Free-dome tower, another one is IKA Airport, defines as Imam Khomeini International Airport.

Isfahan has one Airport that takes 30 min. to get there.

Shiraz has one Airport with two sections, domestic and international, where both are next together and located in the southwest of the city, in the urban area. Takes about 15 Min. to the downtown.

Shiraz has more International flights after Tehran, because of its location to the south, near the Persian- Gulf, is the host for Turkish Airline, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Fly Dubai etc.

Tabriz is also a good choice for arriving with Turkish airlines and starting the trip from the north to south and ends the journey in Shiraz with departing to home with Turkish Airlines.

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