What is Sustainable Tourism?

Sustainable Tourism is simply about making a positive difference to locals and environment, society and economy of destinations.
Three important sections of the Sustainablity such as environment, economy and socio-cultur are dealing with this topic. All of these needs a balance and tolerance without affecting the destinations negatively.

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We are always seeking to decrease the waste production, water and energy consumption,. we promote our sustainability manner to consumers who intented minimizing their own footprint and we only work with partners and individuals that follow our philosophy.
our philosophy is much forwarded than slogan, Iran Journey is the only Tour Operator who produce its own electricity consumption by solar panels !, we started from ourselves.

nature tours in Iran

Economic Conscious

It is obvoius that Tourism is working because of bileteral benefits, new experience and using of resources for travelers and economic growth for locals, so if we omit any side of this scale tourism is shut down. "Iran Journey" as a Tour Operator attempts to hire locals and using of their facilities, working with wide range of tour guides across Iran in order to creat a fairly oppurtunity for as much as people not only citizens of metropolitan areas and capital city of Tehran.
In another hand we expect travelers to help us on this way and ditribute their shopping all around Iran, not only in one or two city, Somehow the quality of regional products are higher than another area. This shopping style will cause wealth distribution among all Iranians not only very rich markets in Tehran or Isfahan.
Some clients may concern on carrying all the goods during their trip in Iran, but we have the solution, our driver and guide will take care of your shopping untill you need them for packing.

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social responsibility

Youth generation, and locals needs hope... and we proud of supporting local events and activities, also job seekers in each region to make a better life and step on growth path.

meeting locals in Iran

Carbon-Neutral Tours

Farbod Timnak, founder of "Iran Journey", studied in Petrochemical engineering in 2003, He is the only Tour operator who cares on reducing carbon emissions and implemented practical orders and manners for this purpose.
carbon dioxide (CO2) is only one of several greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. carbon emission sources are from type of food, type of traveling vehicle, purchasing our consumption goods in higher volume with less packing and plastic, reducing paper consumption and recylying all plastic and paper wastes in our office and tours.

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Today we are still inspired by those values. We believe in a world of peace.

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