Tour to Mt.Damavand 5670 m

Itineraries are general and need to be adjusted to your arrival and dept. International flights and it is possible to add more days for cultural excursions.


5 Days Damavand Tour - southern route :

Day 1 :

Arrival in Tehran in the morning

Warm welcome at IKA Airport - Heading to Polur region – 4WD Driving from Rineh to Goosfand sara with altitude about 3400 m, we will arrive at noon

We continue to 3rd station with approx. altitude 4200 m, with Mules.
"Iran Journey" arrange local 4WD vehicles and Mules.

We provide tents, Meals, Sleeping bags, ponchos, or any equipment that you may need. - O/N camp/Mountain HUT It is hard to find vacancy in mountain hut in high season (July to Aug) but with consideration of traffic of climbers, we recommend you to stay in tent During high season, with more pleasure and privacy. Of course the campsite will be near the mountain hut in order to access the energy facility and food and drink.

Day 2 :

We reserve today for Acclimatization, we do Excursion to Ice Water fall. O/N camp/Mountain HUT
Please follow instructions of our mountain guide for your adventures.
Please DO NOT THINK on reaching the summit today.

Day 3 :

In July and Aug, we depart to summit in the morning soon (before sunrise). But in May and June, it is recommended to depart later, means after sun rise.

Short break - Back to 3rd station about noon - descending to Polur and transfer to Larijan HOT SPRINGS for leisure time after the hike. you stay over night in local properties.

Day 4 :

Transfer to Tehran and IKA Airport. You can add few more days to your trip to visit Shiraz/Isfahan/Mashhad or Caspian sea
**Please consider the departure flight from Tehran must be after 18:00 due to risk of traffic jam on the way back.

 Far view of Mt. Damavand from Mt. Alam-kuh

ABOVE: Far view of Mt. Damavand from Mt. Alam-kuh

Safety instructions and common mistakes :

1 - Most of Young climbers and visitors try to walk fast and with max. Power, well, walking at your max. Ability is good but not in Damavand, This region has different features than your country, so keep some energy at the end of each stage NOT using all in your body in one action. In another hand having some energy for EMERGENCIES is a good idea rather than sorry.

2 - DO NOT GO to Summit immediatly after ICE WATERFALL, we strongly recommend you to avoid going to summit without one day acclimatization. The atmosphere of Damavand lead you and tempt visitors then they ignore safety recommendations, Let me be honest, YOU MAY DIE,, please be safe to have one more chance to visit other places in the world

3 - DO NOT TRUST YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES, Many lives lost just because they relied on their GPS devices. If you are supposed to hire locals or ask us to support you in this program, we appreciate your patience to follow orders from our guides EVEN it is opposite of your idea.

4 - Carrying GAS Cylinders in your luggage in International flights are prohibited and banned, we arrange how many Gas cylinders you need in different sizes for your satisfaction, 110gr, 230gr, 450gr.

5 - For staying in Mountain HUT, you should pay cash. Also prices of Water and food at New Hut of Damavand or other Huts are higher than city. About 3 to 4 times more.

6 - Have enough personal equipment and support like hiking sticks, mountain goggles, Gore-Tex wear, Crampon, and enough supply of nuts and high calorie meals.

there are more points that we share with our clients before starting any program.

Tour to Mt.Alam kuh, 4850m

Alternate Text

5 days Alam kuh Tour :

Day 1 :

Arrival in Tehran in the morning

Driving to Kelardasht through beautiful Chalus road and Alborz mountain range, Usually we have an stop for breakfast in one the restaurants along the road.

before starting the route, clients add portion of fresh food in their backpacks.

Rood Barak shelter

O/N Camp

Day 2 :

Transfer to Vandar Bone village (~ 10 km) /local 4WD or vans – Climb to Sar Chal with altitude 3650 m

Evening acclimatization

Day 3 :

Excursion to summit in the morning – descending to Sar Chal O/N camp

Day 4 :

Back to roodbarak and Tehran

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