Photography Tours

Group photography tour

We offer Photography programs for special interests:

1 - Peoplegraphy tours: Includes urban areas, Country side or Nomads

2 - Festival tours : Zoroastrian, Islamic, Roses, baby, Nowruz, Sand carpet, transplantation festivals

3 - Bird Photo Tours : Endmic bird of Iran is "Podoces Pleskei", you also explore other species

4 - Mammalogy tours : Photography and seeking mammals in the national parks and protected areas.

5 - Monument Photography : The most popular category, Iran has a rich collection of different type of architectural monuments with variety of history

Peoplegraphy tours


Each country and culture and every geographic region has its own people with their own specific face, skin color and body and anatomy that suited and shaped during years for these conditions and situations and jobs, it is what you may look for, we proud of experience in operating Peoplegraphy tours since 2015.
This type of tours will be completely customized in regard as checkpoints and group size and photography sessions and times. send us what you have in mind, we modefy your raw ideas into an unforgetable trip in your life with your friends or clients.

Festival tours


Iran housed a wide range of cultures and ethnics, each has their own rituals and festivals in specific dates, some dates are changed yearly due to lunar calendar basis but some other with sonal calendar have exact and certain dates at each year.
Some of popular festivals as follows below :

1 - Nowruz / 20 Mar.
2 - 13-outdoor / 2 Apr.
3 - Mehregan / 8 Oct.
4 - Yalda / 21 Dec.
5 - Sede / 30 Jan.
6 - Avicenna Anniversary / 23 Aug
7 - Ashura / 10 Moharram / 10 Sept. in 2019
8 - Anniversary of imposed war by Iraq / 22 Sept.
9 - Arbaein / 20 Safar / 19 Oct in 2019.
10 - Pir Shalyar / End of Jan. til Feb.
11 - Roses fest. / End of Apr. til May

Bird Photography Tours


According to recent survey, about 514 species of birds in Iran are classified in 19 orders and 79 families. Iran plateu covers the three animal regions, such as palearctic , Oriental (Indomalaya), Afrotropical (Ethiopia).

Pleske's Ground Jay (Podoces Pleskei),Ardeidae family, Ciconiidae, Neophron Percnopterus (Egyptian Vulture), Gypaetus barbatus (Lammergeier), Buteo Lagopus, Aquila chrysaetos, Caspian snowcock, Grus grus, Chlamydotis undulata, Haematopodidae family, Burhinidae family, Tito alba(Barn owl), Long-eared owl, Snowy Owl, Coraciiformes family, Piciformes order, Long-billed Pipit, Orphean Warbler It is recommended to consider minimum a week for above purposes.

Mammalogy tours


Total number of mammals in Iran counted about 162 species that 112 species are Insectivora, Chiroptera and Rodents Order. Most attractive species are : Sand Fox, Persian Cheetah, Sand cat, Eurasian Lynx, Caracal, Persian Onager (Persian wildass or Equus hemionus), Caspian Seal or Phoca caspica VU, Urial (Ovis orientalis arkal), Alactaga elater Dipodidae and etc. It is recommended to consider minimum a week for such adventures and programs.

Monument Photography


Iran is the heaven for these category, ruins from Achaemenid empire, Arsacs, Sassanid and Gothic style, Islamic era architecture that is Persian architecture with inspiration of Islamic believes.
Top destinations for Architecture photography are Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Bam, Kermanshah, Tabriz, Tehran, Gonbad, Mashhad etc.
It is recommended to consider approximately 2-3 Days includes arrival, departure and sightseeing and driving time.

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