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cultural tour


People of IRAN

We have attempted to insert as much as local and people contacts in this itinerary, we visit families, with their normal life style, how they shop raw materials, how they cook, and decorate the dinner table.

At another part, we visit villagers and countryside, each area has their own architecture, life style, domestic trades etc. you will learn how they get food and water, as some located at arid areas. Some of these communities have no idea what is Internet and smartphone!

Through the third look, we explore Nomads of Iran, a life style since thousands of years on the mountains and deserts, crossing rivers and sands, living in tent and ذbreeding livestock.

This scheme of tourism maybe is the best and unique experience in IRAN, and is suited for whom interested in pure and deep inspirations.

Day 1: Arrival – Tehran
Welcome and greeting at airport, transfer to Hotel Short visit in Tehran for Shrine of Saleh in Tajrish and local bazaar
Overnight in Tehran

Day 2: Qom - Kashan – Abyaneh
Depart to Abyaneh, we visit house of Brujerdi and antique bazaar in kashan, you will meet locals and shop keepers who can’t speak English, all the atmosphere is completely local and virgin.
Overnight in Abyaneh

Day 3: Abyaneh – Isfahan
Morning walking in the village, depends on temperature, senior female villagers with their special local cloth will come out of home, as there is not shopping area and entertainment bar in the village, they seat in front of their houses to get the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air of their mountainy village or have a walk, talking with neighbors and return to houses for preparing lunch. ! Imagine yourself emerging into this atmosphere and scene.
We proceed to Isfahan. We visit siyo Se Bridge about sunset. There will be some surprises for you. Overnight in Isfahan

Day 4: Isfahan
Isfahan’s city combined with two sections, major section and Armenian quarter, in the morning we go through normal section, Qeysariye bazaar, longest bazaar in Isfahan, old enough to meet locals and people. Afterwards we do a round visit of Naqshe jahan sq., you may meet students or families who are visiting the area as fun or picnic.
Overnight in Isfahan

Day 5: Isfahan - Yazd
We do an excursion to Jolfa quarter, the area with majority of Armenians, walking through this district and visiting Vank cathedral, also have short talks with Iranians, exchanging ideas and believes will make your day. Afterwards we proceed to Yazd.
Overnight in Yazd

Day 6: Yazd
Imagine, a group of humans live in an area with no easy water supply, no trees, not friendly nature, even thousands of years ago it was not easy to live in this area. The political situation and many other conditions forced some Iranians to choose this area to live in,. Afterwards natural conditions shaped the personalities and believes. With some conversations in some locations you will find out the differences among civilians of different areas. Our tourist guide will tell you all stories about features and living style in Yazd.
We visit Fire temple of Zoroastrians and museum-Shop of handicrafts from Zoroastrian society in Yazd.
Afterwards we visit Hanna-grinding traditional workshop where is the astonishing part of sightseeing.
We explore Amir Chakhamq sq., Yazdi people come here for relaxation, drinking tea and enjoying the shadow of buildings about sunset.. Very good occasion to meet and make a conversation.
The brilliant and top highlight of today is meeting a Zoroastrian family from close distance and face to face. They have many things to share with you… we arrange this for you.
Overnight in Yazd

Day 7: Bavanat village
We depart to Bavanat village, visiting Abarkuh town, A historic place on the way, overnight in Bavanat village. At afternoon you will be served a local food from a villager family. He has two daughters who takes care of you and mother cook!
They have many stories to share with you.
Overnight in Bavanat village

Day 8: walnut garden – Shiraz
We do a visit at a walnut garden near the village, afterwards we depart to Shiraz.
Overnight in Shiraz

Day 9: Shirazi cuisine
City of roses, Lyric poems and historic gardens. Very nice people, not real business people! We do shopping in the morning from fresh market, there will be wide range of qualities, then we prepare and work on raw materials and preparing for lunch, in Iranian style, men will rest and relaxation and do not disturb kitchen issues but they will help on hard jobs, cutting hard parts and helping delivery!
You cook in a Iranian kitchen, having lunch with an Iranian family today. At afternoon we visit Eram historical and botanical garden.
Overnight in Shiraz

Day10: Shiraz city
We visit top highlights of Shiraz, the point is Shirazi people may visit these places more than tourists!
So you have many occasions to start a conversation and exchanging ideas and learning about our culture. We start with Pink mosque, the Vakil historic bazaar, strongly recommended to do your shopping and getting souvenir from this place because we are at final point of trip, no need to carry goods to other cities as you depart from Shiraz to home, with Turkish Airline, Qatar airways, fly Dubai or Iran Air.
At afternoon we do excursion to Nomads, Qashqai nomads to meet them in their tents! Please be aware as Nomads move their location by season, we must customize the itinerary according to your traveling date.

Day 11: Airport
Departure time of Turkish and Qatar flights are early in the morning, Fly Dubai and Iran Air is about noon. We transfer you to International Airport 3 hours before dept. time.

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